Oh, hello there!

I cannot believe it’s almost March. Wow.

Quick update for today: the laptop fairies sprinkled some dust and not only do we have our internet again, but we’re up and running on unlimited internet, thanks to the kindness of strangers. Whew! No more 30GB satellite internet (which oddly runs out really quick, especially when half of it is only available from 2am-8am; so pointless… not a fan of DISH…. nor the fact that we have to buy out the rest of the contract to cancel….. but anyway).

Also, a huge thank you to my friend Josiah at 99 Website Marketing for fixing my website bugs. I still have several kinks to work out but I’m excited to have the blog up and running again! Whee!

I am here. I am good. I am ready to write.

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a quick update [and some techincal difficulties.]

Hey, friends!

I am itching to share with you everything that is going on in our lives [and in my head].

Like…. our trip back to Chicagoland over the holidays, the unending issues with our propane tanks running out constantly and our pipes freezing, the dirty greywater/blackwater seeping through a crack in the holding tanks, our plans to start a ministry within our wonderful church, our plans for a tiny house in the spring [what!?!? YES! if all goes accordingly…], how we’re doing, and all the things that God keeps writing on my heart.

Unfortunately, my laptop is broken. And so is my website for some strange reason.

I’m not even sure if you will be able to see this post. (I hope so!)

I am utilizing the library as much as I can, but if you’re a writer, you know that your brain can work at any time of the day and your fingers will want to type whenever you can. With my laptop broken, all the thoughts and excitements are swirling in my head! And the hour or so I get at the library? Not enough! I can’t even have a cup of coffee next to me (really — they just confiscated the cup I brought in). Plus, I’m not even sure when I’ll get the kinks figured out with this site.

So…. until the laptop fairies bring me a new laptop (who knows when that will be — hopefully in a few weeks), I’ll be a bit quiet around here. And frolicking about somewhere in Kentucky….

Love you all!

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the year of: nourish.

Two years ago, my word of 2013 was light.

Last year, my word of 2014 was release.

This year? My word for 2015 will be NOURISH.

To me, NOURISH is

  1. sustain; supply with what is necessary for life, health, growth.
  2. cherish, foster, keep alive.
  3. sustain, build up, promote.

If you don’t know this already, I am passionate about good health, positivity, simplicity, connections, and Jesus. Within the last few years, I came to discover these values within myself and took steps to strengthen these values in my life. However, the last few months have left me feeling chaotic inside and less like myself. I need to get back on track — slowly, but strongly.

I need to nourish my body with whole foods and a simple fitness routine. I need to nourish my relationships with good communication, appreciation, and quality time. I need to nourish my mind with books, less television, and creativity. I need to nourish my dreams with positive words, actions, and focus. I need to nourish my faith with devotionals/journaling, leadership, and prayer. I need to nourish my soul. This is the year for that.

Do you have a word for 2015? Please share! :)

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