• Most of the rice was cooked plain and ‘spiced up’ with only salt, pepper, and soy sauce. The couscous also had some olive oil and garlic. The New Orleans-style rice and beans had some soy sauce, onion, bell pepper, garlic, cayenne pepper, and whatever I thought might taste good. I feel slightly guilty about the rice & beans meal because we were supposed to eat very plainly the whole week.I wouldn’t advocate eating a diet of only rice and beans all week. It’s good for the wallet but very high in carbs!

  1. NotFat

    My family and I live in the US and with the recession we already live off less than $2 per day for food and less than $20 per day for everything. We eat well I think. It just a matter of getting over american consumerism and gluttony; really..

    • It IS very possible to live on less than $2 a day if we purchase our food and plan our meals wisely. Too many people don’t think about that and instead go for the ‘quick, convenient’ meals…

    • Eating rice and beans all the time isn’t that healthy, so I haven’t considered doing it more than five days; however, I have purchased some staples (veggies, pasta) that cost very little and lasted me a week Those meals were about $2 a day. It IS very possible to eat with $2 a day (more like $15 a week), but it means we need to stay away from processed foods and eat healthy, whole foods.

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